Growth Hacking: The Key to Successful Startups

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Growth Hacking: Put Simple

Quoting the godfather of growth hacking, CEO and Founder of Quaraloo, Sean Ellis defined growth hacker as a person whose true north is growth.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Naturally when we talked about growth, as marketers, we always connect it to sales. But in reality, there are other parameters to consider such as the number of followers, subscribers, or engagement rate. Applied with the right strategies, these metrics can grow as your business expands.

Find a niche social media platform

Social media is a highly competitive industry. From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, there are a bunch of businesses of all sizes squeezed into the platforms, trying to catch the audience’s attention. Consider looking for smaller social networks outside the mainstream ones, such as for a simple Q&A interaction, Delicious for social bookmarking service, for stock traders, or The Dots for creative creators.

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Use A/B testing regularly

Also known as ‘split testing’, A/B testing is a business model where you essentially divide your audience into two groups, with one of them acting as a control group. Each group receives a distinct version of your landing pages, homepage, sales page, contact page, email campaign, or discount offer. After which you can track each version’s performance. By looking at the results, you can tweak your strategy accordingly and move on to another test variable.

Offer Freemium

Viral Access CEO, Folke Engholm, capitalized the power of freemium content. Freemium content is basically offering something free for people to try and once they are hooked and see the benefits of your products or services, they will naturally come back for more. This is such a great growth hacking strategy to expand your audience base.

Growth Hacking: How to Start

Unsurprisingly, behind any successful growth hacking strategies is a meticulous and systematic process. Whether you’re a startup or a large organization, growth hacking tactics can be customized depending on your goals.

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