Stepping Up Your Branding Strategy This Year

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Today, branding reaches far beyond visual interpretation and aesthetics, as it also encompasses elements such as social consciousness, authentic customer relationships and community-centered communication.

When it comes to branding strategy, companies need to realize that modern customers want substance and purpose that resonates within their brand story. As such, it is critical to stay updated on how to evolve your company’s brand image to reflect the present needs and expectations of your consumers.

Responsive Logos

In order to get recognized, companies need to have a strong social media presence. Along with that, marketers began to adopt responsive logos, also known as shape-shifting logos, to ensure the consistency of the user experience regardless of the medium their logo is viewed on. These logos can be adjusted in size, complexity, or color, depending on the layouts and occasions. Moreover, it allows customers to recognize their branding in different ways, thus increasing the chance of brand recall while keeping their brands interesting.

Brand Hashtag

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Social Media Community

Another growing branding trend is online branded communities. Research shows that 37% of shoppers stick with companies because of online communities. These forums provide a platform where consumers can talk about brand-related topics and provide advice and tips. It also allows brands to talk about products and understand customers’ needs without trying to sell. The participatory experience works effectively to reinforce customer loyalty.

CEO’s Personal Branding

The dilemma that modern consumers face today is being overly exposed to advertisements at nearly every touch-point, leading them to be desensitized to the idea of trusting a faceless logo. Attaching a personality to a brand is one of the oldest branding tricks, which ultimately contributes to the rise of this particular strategy: personal branding of CEOs as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Social Conscience

With societal change comes the outcry for sustainable branding and eco-friendly products. Today, consumers want to believe that companies care about the same causes they do. They want companies to care about the environment, diversity, inclusion, and opportunity because it allows them to make more purposeful purchases. Modern brands need to demonstrate that they care about people as much as profits to earn their trust and loyalty.

Anti-Ads and Native Ads Campaigns

This 2020, regular ads are no longer enough. The majority of shoppers find ads more intrusive today than a few years ago. As such, the practice of native ads and anti-ad campaigns are expected to rise in the future.

Influencer Marketing

Remain on the top of the branding trend is the use of influencer marketing. With the right influencers, brands can easily reach audiences that are interested in their niche. But as organic engagement on social media continues to decline, many businesses are shifting gears and partnering with micro and nano influencers who have small but highly-engaged and dedicated audiences. Not only that, the brand has also started partnering with influencers outside their particular niche to reach a new range of customer demographics.

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Over to You

A company’s brand image should evolve in parallel to the changing market trends, consumer expectations and collective ideals. However, at the end of the day, I believe people are still the reason for a brand’s success.



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