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What kind of content creator are you?

So, we’ve talked about the different types of content in our previous article, now let’s talk about the minds behind those content: the content creators.

Content marketing has been the standard approach in marketing strategies for years. The technology landscape supporting the practice has matured to a point where a vast array of content and platforms where these contents are published had forced companies and marketers to step up their content marketing game.

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As difficult as it might sound, but by leveraging the natural strengths of the different types of content creators, content development process can become more than just a focused effort to cater to a variety of demands. Instead, it could become the foundation for the way brands communicate their messages to their audience.

Besides, knowing what kind of content creators are out there will definitely help optimizing your content marketing strategy.

1. The Expert

This is pretty straight forward. The experts know everything related to certain topics or their niche at least. They have in-depth knowledge thanks to their experience and people turn to their content for advice. Other content writers often reference their content as part of their research materials.

The interesting thing about the expert is they share their knowledge based on their actual experience. Their expertise allows them to share information beyond the basic ‘how to’ content. However, these experts sometimes forget that they need to share the information in a way that the readers can understand and put it in a practical use.

2. The Networker

The networker found information from people around them. They love to exchange ideas, information, gossip, and speculation from every conversation they had. Beyond that, they appreciate and understand the value of valuable network and actually put efforts in nurturing their own.

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The networker often shares common sense information that is accompanied by very relatable and practical perspective. Communicating these perspectives and inviting others to consider them is some of the best content they can produce.

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3. The Observer

The observers write pretty much about anything, from approaches to things, the big picture of certain topics, or put topics into context so the audience can understand what the topics are about. They lay out the general idea of a topic without going too deeply into details, but enough to make their audience curious to go looking for answers on their own.

The observers are great to connect content to a larger ecosystem outside the brand’s niche. At the same time, they lack a deep grasp of certain topics, which can sometimes turn their content into a fluff piece.

4. The Visualizer

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Remember those info-graphics you saw online? Yeah, those are the type of content normally created by the visualizers. Visual content creators share their ideas through images. They use every single digital tool at their disposal and figure out a way to use it to convey a clear message to the audience.

The best thing about them is they can use existing content and re-purpose them in a graphical manner to create a new content. However, their content is heavily dependent on their skills. They have to literally draw every conceptual information. Hence, they need to embrace a designer’s eye to consistently paint a story optically.

5. The Convincer

A natural salesperson, the convincer literally tries to direct their audience on how to think about a certain topic or idea. They create powerful and useful information that will leave their audience convinced at the end of the journey.

The convincers are great to inspire people and get them excited about a new idea. Moreover, they provide research to back up their ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes, they are prone to willingly take certain information out of context just to prove a point.

Bottom Line

Knowing what kind of content creators you work with gets you one step closer to knowing where your brand strength lies on, what kind of messages work best to approach your audience and how to effectively convey your idea and value to your audience.

The key is to find ones that fit your brand’s style the most and start honing their skills to produce high-quality content. Creative process, after all, is not just about the quality and speed of your end results, but also the experience while creating one!

So, what content creators are you? What do you think is the best combination to generate value-packed content?


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