Weekly News Insight — Facebook’s AI Hiccup Finds the Importance of Specialist

Can AI be capable of replacing human moderators?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Some Facebook users are arguing that the platform is making errors and blocking numerous genuine links and contents, including posts with coronavirus-related news, and marking them as spam after Facebook declared that they would focus more heavily on moderation of artificial-intelligence-powered posts.

This problem also arises as social media platforms are keeping to cope with misinformation or fake news related to Covid-19. Some of the social media now have the idea that the problem might probably be caused by Facebook’s decision to send its contracted content moderators home.

This issue at Facebook reminds us that any form of an automated system can always go wrong. That fact is likely to become more apparent as more companies, including Twitter and YouTube, rely on automated content moderation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although artificial intelligence can help content moderation to move quicker, the technology can also fail to grasp the social sense of posts or videos, and making inaccurate judgments without the support of professional human moderators.

This may be the reason why posts moderated by artificial intelligence can be unreliable as for now. Since companies have required employees to work at home ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence why mistakes like such have surfaced to viewers’ attention to how reliant we should be towards artificial-intelligence progress.

Likewise, Twitter has also told its users that the platform would eventually rely on automation and machine learning to take down “abusive and manipulated content.” However, the company also states that artificial intelligence would never replace human moderators.

“We want to be clear, while we work to ensure our systems are consistent, they can sometimes lack the context that our teams bring, and this may result in us making mistakes,” said the company in a blog post.

Our Take

This shows that AI could effectively help save manpower on operation however when it comes to the absence of human moderators, there are definitely still more areas to thrive and enhance regarding quality control. So as marketers we should still be mindful as to how we can prevent inaccuracy from artificial intelligence and base our important decision making and strategies on human moderators in their field of professions.


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