Weekly News Insight: Fantastic Instagram Features and Where to Use Them

What Instagram updates are the biggest takes for influencers this year?

We are just two months short from the end of 2019. Amidst the up and down, this year has been great for Instagram. It’s now the second biggest social media platform, amassing more than 1 billion active users.

Markets are thriving on Instagram this year. Influencers continue to act as the main driving force behind this trend.

There are several amazing new features working perfectly for influencers this year. Setting our horizon in 2020, we believe these six features would remain a major boost for influencers!

Photo by Georgia De Lotz on Unsplash

1. On This Day #throwbackthursday

2019 is the year of authenticity and Instagram is sure trying to ride the wave. The bulk of ads flooding influencers’ posts nowadays is ailing even the most fervent admirers.

That is why Instagram’s move to introduce the throwback feature is a perfect match for the current trend.

With the new update, Instagram users can now repost their past memorable images from the same calendar date in their story timeline. Authentic stories from their past, rather than unstoppable ads, would certainly strengthen the bond with their followers.

2. Shopping Made Easy with Product Tag & In-App Checkout

The purpose of influencer marketing, unsurprisingly, is to sell things.

It used to be the case that influencers’ ad posts provided a link to an external platform where customers can directly check out the items they like.

The tide has changed though with the Product Tag and In-App Checkout features. Influencers could now tag the product they wear in the photo. The tag is linked with the brand in-app store where customers can purchase the items directly.

3. Follow @Creators for insights!

Speaking about influencer’s insights, whose voice is more legit than the Instagram itself?

The platform is creating its own account earlier this year. It publishes tips and tricks for successful content, updates, tutorials, and Instagram-wide rising trends.

Be sure to follow them!

Photo by Luke Van Zyl on Unsplash

4. The Final Countdown

To be honest, this feature has been around since last year. But its launching date, which happened to be at the end of the year, earned it a spot here.

Remember seeing countless Countdown in your friends’ stories on the 31st of December? At that time, the feature received wide acceptance overnight.

The good news though, its benefit exceeds counting down for New Year’s Eve. Influencers could use this feature to announce to their followers about the launching date of their products. The Countdown will generate a sense of awaiting unmatched by any other features.

5. Sayonara Hate Speech

If you just happen to be famous on Instagram, hate speeches aren’t that uncommon. Sometimes blocking users isn’t helping. They keep coming back with new accounts, churning outrageous hate speech.

The solution? Try Instagram’s Restriction.

The new feature allows you to secretly blocking comments from certain haters without them even knowing. They will think that they reach your followers.

Instead, only you and they could see it. That is even if you choose to see it in the first place.

6. Donation Sticker

Life, after all, isn’t just about raising your personal wealth. It’s also about sharing and caring for the needs.

The new sticker allowed influencers to utilize their renown to help others. Influencers could post about the NGO they endorsed and ask followers for donations.

By clicking on the sticker, followers would be directed to certain procedures where they could donate easily for the NGO.

And the money goes entirely to the NGOs. At last, a non-profit move from Facebook and Instagram.

Our Take

The volume of ads posted by influencers nowadays has been tiring for a lot of Instagram users. Luckily though, Instagram made some changes to tackle the problem of inauthenticity, while further polishing its capability to generate sales.

These changes, along with governmental decree ruling influencers to identify sponsored posts, would be beneficial for the development of influencer marketing in the coming years.

Expect the market for influencer marketing to grow more in the upcoming 2020!


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