Weekly News Insight: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has transformed into a powerful social network for lead generations.

With LinkedIn currently seeing record levels of engagement, and now catering to more than 630 million members, it’s worth considering how you as marketers can use the platform, and tap into those emerging conversations. Maximizing your company page is a key first step, but you still need to remain active and engage with your audience. Nevertheless, building a standout presence is critical to upping your LinkedIn game.

This week, Viral Access brings LinkedIn related news for you to inspire your next LinkedIn marketing campaign.

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Leverage LinkedIn Video Marketing for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is undeniably one of the best social media distribution channels for 2019 from a B2B marketing perspective to connect with prospective buyers. Today, B2B marketers have an even more compelling way to do it: through short, original, timely video clips which invite engagement, drive traffic to other content, and foster meaningful relationships.

LinkedIn video marketing is an especially powerful resource for brands to drive both interest and new leads on this social platform. Unlike in a more B2C-centric playground where audiences may be decompressing with friends and memes, people come to LinkedIn specifically to keep up on thought leadership and identify opportunities to grow their businesses. So, prospective buyers are especially likely to engage with B2B social media presence on this particular channel.

So just how does one get started creating interesting and memorable video content for LinkedIn? Skyword suggests some tips to get you started:

1. Keep the video short, ideally under 60 seconds. Use a brief video status update to drive traffic to a specific article and deepen engagement surrounding it.

2. Select topics that are accessible and familiar, yet have a novel twist. LinkedIn viewers are looking for content that’s relevant to their jobs and industries, signal the relevance early on in the post.

3. Pay attention to the timeline. If you get a conversation going soon after the video is published, it’s more likely to garner greater visibility.

4. Less frequency is better. Post videos once per day, at most, with an upper limit of five times per week.

5. Share video from personal account. LinkedIn is all about fostering authentic personal relationships, it’s best to leverage personal presence when posting on this channel.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups for Marketing Magic

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse platform for lead generation. LinkedIn Groups, especially, can be a boon for businesses eager to facilitate more meaningful interactions between industry peers and potential customers.

How do you find groups? Join groups that are relevant to your product, services or industry is a great start. After finding a LinkedIn Group that aligns with your customer persona and marketing objectives, review the rules carefully. Lastly, all LinkedIn groups are now private, so you’ll have to request access before you can join.

Here’s how to make the most of your LinkedIn Groups interactions, according to PR Daily.

1. Prioritize polished, well-crafted messaging. Use compelling, concise and relevant copy in your posts to attract your audience.

2. Be educational, and don’t spam. Share information that your fellow members will find helpful, relevant, intriguing and useful.

3. Foster genuine engagement with other members. Consistently interact with members by answering questions, asking questions and sparking meaningful conversations.

4. Don’t annoy your audience. If you’re in several Groups focused on a similar topic of interest, chances are others are as well, so do not copy paste the same message throughout multiple Groups.

5. Analyze results, and pivot accordingly. Measure and monitor what’s working and what’s not and then modify your approach to get the best results.

A version of this post also appeared on the SmartBug Media blog.

Brands to Watch on LinkedIn

There are a select few marketers and brands who have really mastered their LinkedIn strategy, and looking at how these brands approach content on the professional social network may inspire some upgrades to your own LinkedIn strategy.

So, which brands do you admire for their content, ad, or any other marketing on LinkedIn? Social Media Today did some research and present some of the best practices from several brands which could inspire our community’s LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Strategy One: Video for LinkedIn

Neil Patel’s page on LinkedIn feels not only innovative for incorporating video content, but more importantly, the content itself is engaging. You can check out his branded ad for South by Southwest speaking engagement. The CTA in particular feels subtle enough to work.

Strategy Two: Employee Profiles

LinkedIn has a lot to do with the “talent”. Lemonade, a homeowners and renters insurance company, uses this aspect of LinkedIn to their marketing advantage on the platform. The brand uses a tactic reminiscent of ‘Humans of New York’ to market their brand, and the FOMO-inducing share text makes you want to read more about this guy and, in turn, the company he works for.

Strategy Three: Utilizing LinkedIn’s Features 100%

Viacom is an entertainment company focusing on brands in both media and live experience spaces. Viacom’s “Life” section of its LinkedIn company page is meticulously fleshed out and paints an informative and clear picture of exactly who and what Viacom is, while keeping the tab aesthetically pleasing and concise.

Strategy Four: Personalization

Amazon’s LinkedIn posts combine a lot of the same innovations from the previous strategies and added a touch of personalized message that humanizes such a big company. For incomprehensibly massive companies like Amazon, getting to know some employees through these spotlight posts on LinkedIn offers a similar authenticity to that which Instagram influencers provide smaller brands.

Strategy Five: Engage the Algorithm

As a company which focuses primarily on engagement generation, it makes sense that Marketo’s LinkedIn posts are particularly engaging, with very click-able links! Note that they not only apply their posts to their target audience, but they also center around professional development.

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