Weekly News Insight — New Video Response Option for IGTV

IGTV is testing new features… inspired by TikTok!

By keeping IGTV updated, Instagram seems to have decided to take TikTok’s way for a chance to engage more users to try IGTV.

Thus, in more recent developments, Instagram is trying to add in a new TikTok-style video reaction feature to its episodic video hub IGTV. The new built-in features may allow the publisher to enable their audience to respond to their video content, that is only if the publisher allows.

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

With the new TikTok-style video reactions feature built into the IGTV upload process, audiences can now respond and reply to the clips with their own video clips response when the feature has been activated.

As you may realize, this IGTV new testing feature sounds similar to TikTok’s video reactions option, which overlaps a video response over the original video clips, giving another way to engage with the clips.

Besides Reactions, TikTok offers a ‘Duet’ option. This option allowed publishers to film a collab of sorts through a split-screen perspective consisting of two separate clips. These two features have been an important part of the TikTok’s experiences, offering a way for the audience to express and share their own, creative responses to posted clips.

Instagram is experimenting and may be expecting the same features. While IGTV hasn’t taken off as yet, following updates like IGTV content monetization could provide more incentive for the video creators to post and share content to the platform, which makes it a more appropriate option. Perhaps now, additional engagement options like Reactions and Duets can also be utilized to turn out IGTV to be a more attractive option for its users.

However, when it comes to implementation, it is difficult to imagine how this feature would work perfectly in an IGTV context. As in IGTV, the creator focused on long and detailed content, meanwhile, TikTok video clips have a short and brief nature that makes them perfect fodder for simple video responses. The difference in video length could potentially make the video reactions features meet different outcomes when testing out. Perhaps it can provide more interaction or engagement potential for IGTV simply by adding the personal, visual nature of video reactions. Or maybe there is another way to showcase certain sections of IGTV video clips where people have responded? Instagram may have to consider these issues.

Our Take

It is an indisputable fact that videos create engagement and audiences like it. Instagram has been trying hard to make IGTV a hit and hence they need an invention to gain users’ interest towards IGTV. IGTV and TikTok video clips both have been well-utilized by creators to create attractive content and engage with their audiences. The new features on IGTV provide another alternative way for audiences to connect with creators faster and could potentially increase IGTV user experience. But there are many more issues to be considered by Instagram as we mentioned previously.

Of course, the launch of the new features will increase the engagement and interaction on IGTV, and IGTV would probably become the next interactive format that brands could try to cooperate with influencers. Let’s look forward and see how it goes!


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